Basic information about the Technology Catalogue

The Technology Catalogue is an online shopping-style platform that helps vendors of green technologies to connect with businesses and homeowners. The platform is vendor driven for the registration of technologies that perform beyond current market practices. Experts hired by the EBRD verify the performance and availability of these technologies before they are listed. These best-in-class technologies from around the world result in clearly identifiable efficiency gains and serve as a basis for market-specific ‘Technology Selector’platforms.

The EBRD Technology Catalogueis an online directory of high-performing technologies with environmental benefits. Global technologies successfully listed in the catalogue are technically eligible for EBRD’s GEFF financing via local financial institutions. This streamlined process helps reduce transaction processing times, particularly for small-scale investments commonly implemented by households and SMEs. Local technology vendors are encouraged to register their technologies with this tool to make the best ones more visible to prospective clients on the ground. If an eligible technology has no registered vendors in the country, local financial institutions can encourage imports via the EBRD ‘Green’ Trade Facilitation Programme. Performance requirements for technologies and vendors are reviewed on a regular basis, in consultation with the EBRD, and adjusted to reflect market developments.

Filtering the Technology Catalogue by country identifies the technologies that meet the minimum performance criteria for that country. These technologies are eligible for EBRD GEFF finance, but not all these technologies may be available through local vendors in that country.

To see the eligible technologies available through local vendors, go to the Technology Selector for your chosen country.

General information about the Green Economy Financing Facilities available under this link.

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What does “eligible in a country” mean?

Filter by a Country on the Technology Catalogue and you will be provided with a list of products that are assessed as eligible in that country. Eligible means that the product satisfies the eligibility criteria EBRD has proscribed for that country. If the product is also available in that country, you will be able to find a shop to buy it in by clicking on the product and searching for the vendor through Find vendor option. If the product is just eligible in a country but no one sells it there, you might want to insider importing it in order to expand your shop’s pallet of products that can be financed under GEFF. EBRD can support you through its Green Trade Facilitation Programme.

How can I increase sales of products eligible for financing under one of EBRD’s GEFFs?

Select your country in the filtering options in the Technology Catalogue. Browse product eligible in your country. Contact the manufacturer or the vendor displayed next to product description. Seek financial support of the e EBRD Green Trade Facilitation Programme. to import the product. Log into your account on the Technology Selector. Enrol for the product and enjoy the benefits of being listed on the Technology Selector.

What are the eligibility criteria EBRD uses?

The Minimum Performance Criteria (MPC) are defined per technology category, per country. The MPC require a performance improvement of least 20% beyond a baseline of typical replacement technologies that reflects local market developments including technology costs and market maturity, thereby only promoting the higher performing segment of technologies available on local markets.

How is eligibility of products checked?

When adding new products the manufacturers and vendors are asked to provide the technical attributes of the products. Provided information is validated by the Technology Selector Administrator. The attributes are specific for each technology. The eligibility of the products is assess, automatically by the system, based on the provided attributes, againts the Minimum Performenace Criteria.

How can I compare products I sell with similar ones?

The Technology Catalogue provides the user with several filtering and sorting options. The user can also add the products to his list and review the list. All this helps to compare the products in a user friendly interface.

If you need more guidance please contact the Technology Selector Administrator.