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  1. SOFC

    The technical basis of Vaillant micro-CHP is Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) fuel cells. The core component of a SOFC fuel cell is a thin, gas-tight ceramic membrane, on which two thin porous electrodes are applied. The electrochemical reaction of the fuel cell takes place in the electrodes and ions migrate through the membrane. The two electrodes are made of special materials to ensure the chemical reaction over a large area. The fuel cell operates at a temperature of around 850 ° C - this high temperature is required to use the ionic conductivity of the ceramic membrane. Due to the high temperatures, natural gas can be used directly as fuel gas in SOFC technology. So ideal for home energy supply.
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    Thermal efficiency
    6.00 %
    Type of fuel
    Natural gas, Biogas
    Electric capacity
    1.00 kW
    Thermal capacity
    2.00 kW
    Total efficiency
    85.00 %
    Electric efficiency
    34.00 %
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