Land preparation and seeding

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Stone safety device  
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  1. U 602 1,5m 2

    Subsoilers available through Rolmako include two, three, four, five or two teeth. As a standard, the teeth are secured with screws, which are transformed in the event of a collision into obstacles hidden in the soil. The subsoiler is also produced in a non-stop version with hydraulic overload protection. The whole is mounted on a frame equipped with a three-point suspension system, optionally, at the customer's request, the manufacturer installs a tubular, gear packer or twin disc roller.
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    Tractor power requirements
    75.0000 HP
    Working width
    160.0000 cm
    Row spacing
    80.0000 cm
    Number of shanks/tines
    Stone safety device
    Working depth
    70.0000 cm
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